Every year about 7.000 children participate in the activities organized by the CGFS, which has been operating in the Prato area since 1962.

The CGFS (Centro Giovanile di Formazione Sportiva) is an association with a long experience in sports. It was founded in 1962, as an instrument of the Municipality of Prato for the promotion and start-up of sports activities for children and teenagers. Sport for all has been the main objective of the CGFS since the ’70s: to be able to involve all children in developmental age, including disabled children, in sport.

Since 2004 it has been transformed into the Amateur Sports Association whose members represent the Sports Promotion Organizations (UISP, CSI, AICS) and the Municipalities of the Province of Prato. It works in synergy with the world of territorial sports associations and with 22 of them it has collaborative agreements in place that delegate to the CGFS the role of sport promotion and first sporting start-up.

The only example at national level of the association participated by municipal administrations of the province of Prato, CGFS has the mission of promoting and disseminating motor and sports experiences, through targeted educational interventions, which range from the recreational-training activities for children, to the activities of orientation and specialization for the older ones.

The CGFS can count on a well-established structure, composed of a highly qualified and competent staff, as well as a continuous cooperation with local authorities, the Faculty of Motor Sciences of the University of Florence, the Provincial Scholastic Office and many local sports associations .

The CGFS supports especially the families, for which it represents a precious link with sport and leisure activities, useful to promote a correct culture of movement. For all this reasons and much more, the CGFS represents an important point of reference for the metropolitan area of ​​Prato, Florence and Pistoia.

The CGFS offer of activities is divided into four sectors:

Swimming from 3 months age to 99 years old.

Sport Gymnasium from 3 to 16 years old.

Outdoor activities and leisure time.

Educational projects for the School promoted by the territorial protocol “Trofeo Città di Prato”.


CGFS works in close contact with the Municipality of Prato and the surrounding areas to promote the benefits of physical and sporting activities, the real values ​​of sport and social inclusion, developing targeted educational initiatives, which include recreational activities, routes of sports starter for children, activities geared towards different sports for children and adolescents, sports culture initiatives for families, sports tourism initiatives and summer camps for children and teenagers.