Progetto finanziato dalla Commissione europea nell’ambito dell’Erasmus+ 2014/2020, parte delle azioni transnazionali attuate per combattere la violenza e il razzismo nello sport.

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The overall purpose of the project is to prevent of and fight against incidents of violence, racism and any form of intolerance in sports, particularly in youth sport sectors and at amateur level.


  1. Educating young people to the true sport culture and real values of sport
  2. Develop and model the training activities through a teachers methodological guide and Open Educational Resources
  3. Promoting active participation of sport stakeholders (sport clubs) in combating violence in sport
  4. Raising awareness on importance of combating violence and racism in sport
  5. Sharing experiences and best practices in the field of the project

The current project proposal is mainly based on the results and outputs of the ELYS project and the approach “Io tifo positivo”/“I support pro”, which has been developed by the partner Comunità Nuova for more than 10 years in Italy. The specific aim of the project is to further develop the previous European project (ELYS) as well as sharing the lessons learnt with new partners organizations and partners from other EU Members States. Furthermore, the project aims todevelop a pilot affiliation programme for sport organizations, clubs and associations in order to develop and test an innovative approach for promoting the true values of sport (respect, fair play, no to racism and xenophobia, etc.) and combating any form of violence and discrimination in sport.

The project core activities will be the Sport Educational Camps for young people in all partners Countries: Sport e-camps consist of a mix of activities such as lessons and workshops on sport, non-formal education, creative working groups, games, and sporting activities, participation in sporting events and workshops with experts and testimonials. The project approach will be mainly based on practical activities and active engagement of young participants during the complete life time of the project. The sport camps will be targeted to young people 10-18 years old, especially with fewer opportunites for social, cultural and economic aspects. More than 3.900 young girls and boys will be directly involved in the project activities; and more than 100 sport clubs, grassroot sport associations and schools will be involved in the sport educational camps.

Testing of e-camps at an european level will make possible to provide and to share to a wide public a Teachers Methodological Guide and a public database of Open Educational Resources (Documents, video, audio in open format).

Furthermore the NOVIS project will develop and test an innovative approach for improve the direct and active participation of sport clubs and federations in combating violence in sport: the pilot affiliation programme for developing “sports partnerships” will be undertaken at local level among project partners and local sport stakeholders in order the promote the “Sport Chart Against Violence in Sport”. In this way the project aims at increasing the responsability and ensuring the active participation of sport stakeholders (e.g. sport associations, sport clubs, public bodies active in the field of sports, schools, religious bodies, etc.) for raising awareness and promoting the true values of sport (respect, fair play, teamwork, no to racism and xenophobia, etc.).

NOVIS project will also pay particular attention to networking activities and mutual learning among partners organisations: during the project lifetime nine transnational events (partners’ meetings, capacity building seminar, conferences and sport event, study visits, most of which have been coupled to optimize time and costs) will take place in partners Countries for transferring the ELYS approach (2011 EU funded project) to new partners and sharing experiences and European best practices in the field of the project.

Finally, the communication and dissemination plan of the project will assure the maximum visibility at European and transferability of project results. Project results and outputs (educational tool kit, guidelines, manual, videos, leaflets, brochures, final report, etc.) will be available from the project website and social medias, also beyond the end of the project and for exploitation of project results also outside the initial partnership.

The project will also have direct impact on sport stakeholders, that will increase the awareness and visibility of initiatives for combating episodes of violence in sport, will develop new partnership and sport networks across Europe.


The main innovative aspects of the NOVIS project consist of testing, reinforcing and spreading a methodology of intervention at the same time sufficiently abstract – in order to guarantee a simple and effective application in a variety of countries and social contexts – and also full of practical tools and didactic contents, which will provide the trainers – both the effective ones, involved in the partnership, and the potential and future ones – with a simple and flexible capability of intervention.

In this sense NOVIS represents a further improvement in quality and prospect with regards to ELYS, where the main goal consisted in creating a “didactic kit” to be tested directly with the practice.

In NOVIS’ case, even if still treasuring ELYS’ experience, the aim is to change the prospect: all the involved partners will actively contribute to the creation of the intervention methodology, as well as to the production of the Open Educational Resources.

The formalization of the methodology (both in a procedural sense and under the didactic point of view) will have the aim of being completely understandable and easy to use for any trainer or teacher. Also for this reason, an external support in the evaluation and formalization of the best practices will be provided where a professional intervention on behalf of a third body will be able to guarantee an effective understanding and reuse of the tool. Finally, to provide the maximum portability of the intervention methodologies, a multilingual platform with the translation of the didactic resources in the languages of the partner countries will be created.

Other major innovative aspects of the project are:

  • to provide young participants with critical thinking tools in order to prevent the desire to emulate the adults’ negative behaviors;
  • the direct involvement of the families in the programs and in the didactic methodologies, so that they will have a leading role for a change;
  • the participation in the organizational structures of the school, in order to combine at an inter-disciplinary level the concepts of fair-play and mutual respect;
  • the methodologies and the tools for the evaluation of the activities, which – instead of being limited to a simple quantitative measurement – aim at deal with the quality changes produced by NOVIS;
  • implement the pilot action for the affiliation and advocacy programme for sport clubs, federations and associations against violence in sport;
  • development of online community of young people, sport fans, sport worlds to combat violence and intolerance in sport.

The pilot action for the affiliation and advocacy programme of sport clubs aims to further developing the cooperation with sport clubs, federations and association in promoting true values of sport and combating any form of violence and intolerance in sport. Many professional sport clubs have already adopted affiliation programmes with amateur and youth sectors sport clubs in order to promote their brand, to increase more and more the participation of young players, to develop ad hoc training courses for sport managers, coaches, etc.

The NOVISPORT project aims to adapt the “affiliation programme” with sport clubs for combating violence, intolerance and any other form of racism in sport. Firstly, the “Pilot affiliation operative programme for sport clubs” will be developed with involved sport stakeholders (e.g. sport clubs, federations and associations, etc.) in partners Countries in order to promote true European sport values and prevent violence and intolerance in sport. Affiliated sport clubs will receive technical assistance, training and specific support for carrying out educational actions and awareness raising campaing against violence in sport events. Secondly, the sport clubs will have the opportunity to join the Europen network of sport clubs, federations and associations, participants to the pilot affiliation programme in partners’ Countries, for sharing experiences in the field of the project.

Other innovatives aspect of the project are:

  • sport and education as vehicle for active participation of youngsters in combating violence in sports as well as raising awareness on the phenomena of violence in sport;
  • multidisciplinary and integrated approach of the awareness raising campaigns, online tools and offline actions for raising awareness on the theme of the project
  • the project website will include an anonymous platform where sport fans from all over Europe will have the possibility to post and discuss their own experiences of sport violence. This innovation will provide
  • the NOVISPORT team with testimonials and material that will be used in educational camps for young people.


The project partnership consist of 10 organisations (different organisations such as National Olympic Committee, CONI and national bodies NISR, sport clubs – ASTERI and CBG, associations active in the field of sport, applicant, Comunità Nuova, Stefan Noikov, EFDN Foundation, CSRMP and regional authority such as Tuscany Region) form 7 Members States (Italy, Romania, Netherland, Spain, Greece, Poland and Bulgaria) active in the field of sport.



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