Swost – Sport without stereotypes

Start date 01/01/21 | End date 31/12/23

SWOST – Sport Without Stereotypes, is an Erasmus+ Sports project aimed at, leading a tangible social transformation in the mindset of European sport organisations at all levels in increasing people’s awareness on gender stereotyping and discrimination. The ultimate output of the project is the creation of a set of online tools that provide self-assessment and guidance for sports clubs and associations to improve their gender behaviours, regulations and policies.

In particular, the project addresses the cross-sectorial cooperation of 11 partners in 9 countries, in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote and increase the participation of males and females in sports typically categorized like “gender based sports”, with a specific focus on young people;
  • Empower the skills of youngsters, by raising awareness and consciousness in their sports choices, uproot gender stereotype perceptions, which could influence young people and their families in the selection of a sport to practice;
  • Underline successful cases, share the experiences and the effective best practices of sports associations in the field of gender mainstreaming;
  • Create a self-assessment online tool able to guide sport associations. The online tool will redirect users – in a customized manner – to existing tools, good practices and resources applied in other geographical or sectorial contexts, also with important goals of progressive networking and capacity building of the actors involved at all levels.
  • Monitor and improve the state of art of gender policies used by European sports associations and the beneficiaries of the Sport without Stereotypes/SWOST project;
  • Raise the awareness about homophobia and gender-based violence that happens in sports clubs.

Our consortium is composed by:

Project coordinator

and 10 partners organizations from 9 countries:


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Gender-Specific Language Disclaimer for twost project

In the publications, literature and self-assessment tool all partners of TWOST project may use the words “woman and pronouns she/her” and man “his/him” to describe persons related to the focus groups of the project, whose sex assigned at birth was female or male, whether they identify as female or male, as well as non-binary individuals who identify as both genders or neither gender. By the “sex assigned at birth” we presume the general definition adopted by European Institute of Gender equality as “These sets of biological characteristics are not mutually exclusive, as there are individuals who possess both, but these characteristics tend to differentiate humans as females or males.